【Experiencing Kyogashi Decoration】(京菓子づくり体験)

Why not learn how to decorate traditional Kyoto sweets from the 11th generation owner and a patissier of long-established Fushimi Surugaya?  You will fully understand that Kyogashi expresses the season and is a sweet you enjoy with your five senses.

Category:  For small number of people, suitable for families, Japan traditional culture

-Event Schedule-
Meet Up (reception)
Introduction and Demonstration of the Decoration
Practice Session
Real Session #1
Real Session #2
Tea Time

【Price】 2,600 yen/person (tax included)
【Dates】 14:00 to 18:00, every day all year round except for Tuesdays, Thursdays and busy holiday seasons.   Reservation required 2 days prior to the requested date.
【Ages】 6 years old and above
【Application available from】 1 person
【Minimum number of participants (to hold an event)】 2 persons

【Note】 Persons in bad condition (esp. diarrhea) cannot participate.
【Duration】 Appx. 90 min.
【What’s included in the price】 4 pieces of Kyogashi sweets (made by yourself), box
【Place】 Fushimi Surugaya
174 Shimo Aburakakecho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto
(※If the number of participants is larger than 5 persons, the place will be changed to Nayamachi Community Hall nearby.)
【Weather】 No postponement for rain

【Meeting Point】
Piers’n’Peers (travel agency)
280 Minamihamacho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto

5 min from Chushojima Station (Keihan Line)
10 min from Fushimi-momoyama Station (Keihan Line)
12 min from Momoyama-Goryomae Station (Kintetsu Line)
15 min from JR Momoyama Station (JR Line)

For those who come by car, please use a toll parking lot nearby.


【Organized by】

◇11th Generation Owner Mr.Takahiro Yamamoto
In 2012, he inherited the shop from his aunt and became the 11th generation owner. He puts his heart and soul into sweets-making to impart the spirit of tradition that includes Kyogashi, and he also works diligently in other regional activities such as uncovering electric railway history and promoting the sightseeing industry.

◇About Fushimi Surugaya
In 1781, the first year of the Tenmei era, Fushimi Suragaya was established on the harbor of the thriving inn town Fushimi as a place for feudal lords from various countries to embark from. Since its founding, it has continued to preserve the traditions, flavors, and crafting methods of desserts such as “neri yokan.” The people who work there dedicate themselves to replicating the taste of the seasons in their fresh confectionery.

Kyogashi is Japanese confectionery representing the season that is savored by all five senses and is traditionally presented at imperial courts, temples and shrines, and tea houses, to be used in events and ceremonies. Both the type and flavor change each month. We hope you will feel the heart of Japan.


Mr. Souji Fujisaki
Non-Governmental craftmanlike Town Organizer of Fushimi, Kyoto. He has been working energetically to encourage history, nature and culture of Fushimi, Kyoto as a representative of several corporations and organizations. His specialty includes promotion of local shops and shopping streets, events producing, eco-tourism, traditional Japan culture and music. His tours that are made from the combination of variety of local resources that he come to know from his variety of activities have been catching on many repeated customers . He holds masters degree from Graduate school of Kyoto University on global environmental studies .